Metrobay University

Metrobay University (a.k.a. “Metrobay State University” or “Metrobay College”) is the premiere institute of higher learning in all of Metrobay and features a vast campus with all manner of fields of study, offering notable majors in computer science, law, criminology, biology, physics, and chemistry. While the Metrobay Wildcats football team may have the worst pass defense in the league, they are universally known for having the sexiest cheerleading squad.

Metrobay University is also famous for its rather prestigious sororities and fraternities such as the secretive Sigma Somno Episilon, where many of Metrobay’s rich and elite young adults are selected for special membership. Crissy Tanner, alias “Blackout”, has been tasked with investigating many of these groups and their questionable activities.

Despite its seemingly clean and wholesome exterior, Metrobay University is a hotspot for corrupt and immoral criminal activity, with many instructors having connections to the League of Villains, APEX Laboratories, or the Circle of R.O.P.E. Several professors and administrators such as Dean Wickstaff and Professor Spellbinder lead double lives as pimps, conmen, thieves, and masked thugs, though there are several generally upstanding instructors like Gilbert Petto and Raquel Summers on campus.

Just about every prominent citizen of Metrobay has attended Metrobay University, with notable examples including Max Indeks, Shelley Calvin, Ted Twiss, Belinda Giolla, Vanessa Turner, Beauregard Vyne, Marcia Smith, and many others. Current enrollees at the school include the college-age crimefighting team known as “Grrl Power”, which consists of Spellweaver, Snowflake, Solaria, Goldwing, and Blackout. Jade Lightning, who is a graduate student at MU, is considered a full-time Superheroine Squad member but does help out the Grrl Power crew from time to time.

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