Alpha Man

alphamanyoung bioAlias: Alpha Man
Real Name: Dean H. Butler
Age: Classified
Height: 5’11”
Hair: Gray (formerly black)
Occupation: Retired superhero
Abilities: Tactile Telekinesis
Affiliation: Metrobay Police Department

Alpha Man was a famous crimefighter during the early days of the Superheroine Squad, a dashing and charming hero who captured the hearts of Metrobay’s citizens with his noble nature and his boyish good looks. He also captured the heart of the legendary heroine Ms. Metrobay and the two eventually wed. The union also resulted in the birth of their daughter, Tina, a.k.a. Alpha Woman, who grew up to become a respected heroine in her own right.

Alpha Man was really Dean Butler, a modest and unassuming man who harbored a unique gift: tactile telekinesis, an ability that allowed him to move, manipulate, and control any object he was able to touch. Aspects of this ability were passed on to his daughter, who appears to have developed her own telekinetic powers to a much greater degree.

alphamanDean currently resides in relative seclusion at a retirement home along with a few other aging superheroes, including Ms. Metrobay’s best friend Trudy Goodheart, a.k.a Gadget Gal. He is no longer able to battle crime on a daily basis as he once did, but he nevertheless keeps busy with frequent visits from his wife and daughter and appears to be enjoying some much deserved rest from the hero business.

Most recently, Dean and Trudy have discovered the revitalizing properties of LISA’s Thrallium-laced milk, and have used it (Trudy more than Dean) to restore themselves to their former youthful physiques when called upon to return to action. The results of the serum are temporary, though each successive dose seems to have a longer-lasting effect.

Notable Appearances: Original Sin, The Chrome Virus, The Programmable Woman, Cell Block XXX

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