Action Cat Stories

The Action Cats stories follow the exploits of the titular crew of crimefighters, chiefly their leader Pink Pussycat, and her encounters with various villains situated throughout the whole of Metrobay. Whether it be against the mind-manipulating music of theMaestro, the twisted traps of Trixtress, the mad machinations of Madame Mynx, or the sinister slavery of Syman Sayz, the Action Cats are guaranteed to be in the thick of it.

The misadventures of Pink Pussycat and her friends occur in the following stories:

Magic Wand
An unexpected guest crashes the annual Miss Metrobay beauty pageant. With the help of her mystical magic wand, the villainous Enchantress kidnaps the beautiful pageant winner and Nightengale in an attempt to impress Max Indeks while Pink Pussycattries to locate and rescue them.

Caper Cats
Clawdette and her partner Motorcycle Girl successfully thwart a scheme to release Madame Mynx from prison, only to be double crossed and wind up as playthings for the devilish Dee Lisha.

Birds of a Feather
Nightengale is investigating the criminal Vermin as her alter ego, Lady Payback, only to have herself and Trixtress captured and tormented by the villain. The only way to save herself is to become his villainous henchman.

Carnival of Sin
The Black Hat and his Klown Krew arrive in Metrobay to put on a circus act, but Pink Pussycat discovers a shady secret to these erotic entertainers.

Pink Pussycat has a run-in with Troublina and inadvertently winds up as a tied-up plaything for Syman Sayz and Trixtress. But when Troublina’s conscience gets the best of her, will she risk freeing Pink Pussycat and invoking the wrath of the League of Villains?

Kitty Dreams
Pink Pussycat winds up chloroformed by Trixtress for her perverse amusement, but while she shakes off the effects of the chloroform her rampant imagination experiences some very naughty things.

A Day at the Office
Preston Prescott is frustrated by his life as a criminal mastermind and is hopelessly in love with veteran heroine Pink Pussycat. Desperate to gain her affections, Preston hatches a scheme he is sure will win over his true love, but one which will pit him against his mentors Max Indeks and Madame Mynx.

Pleasure Pets
Pink Pussycat and Clawdette wind up captured by Madame Mynx. Max finally discovers Pink Pussycat’s true identity and his wife Vivian finds a way for them to save face and continue their amusement at Pink Pussycat’s expense.

Pink Pussycat Faces the Music
Max Indeks hires the talented villain Maestro to kidnap Metrobay University cheerleaders as bait to lure in Pink Pussycat and her friends Nightengale and Fluffy. The heroines fall for the trap and Maestro begins plans to give the ultimate performance toR.O.P.E. using his captives as the stars of his sinister and sexy concert. Special appearance by the Speed Demons trio of RollerGrrl, DareDoll, and Shadow Rider.

Itty Bitty Kitty
Pink Pussycat has a run-in with Trixtress and the villain Minimizer, who shrinks her down to an itty-bitty size. The villains steal a cook book for Chef Pasty and his helper Dee Lisha, and have been kidnapping women for some fiendish purpose, but is there anything a pint-sized pussycat can do to save any of them?

Kitty Kringle Caper
While breaking up a holiday burglary, Pink Pussycat is captured by Madame Mynx and Syman Sayz who seek to show her their own twisted holiday hospitality. Meanwhile, Kitten seeks her friend out, unaware of the trap she’s marching into.

Catatonic Toys
Pink Pussycat finds herself the newest test subject of Max Indek’s Dream Manipulator machine. With her subconscious laid bare and open for him to tamper with, Pink Pussycat finds herself toyed with by Max and his minions.

Musk of the Mynx
Madame Mynx appears to be attempting to create a very dangerous new chemical to help her in her crimes, assisting the help of villains such as Blindside, The Diddler, The Boyz, Miasma Man, and others, while heroines Valiant Woman, Honeydoll, Pink Pussycat, and Invincible Girl chase after her. Will they be able to catch her before she creates and unleashes her most fiendish concoction yet?

To Love and Obey
Vivian Indeks grows weary of Max’s philandering ways and decides the best way to get him to perform his husbandry duties is to eliminate the source of his obsession. Vivian brainwashes Pink Pussycat and arranges for her to fall in love with and marry Preston Prescott. Can Pussycat’s friends save her, or will Max himself step in?

Sex Pets of the Wild West
After discovering a secret buried beneath their land, the West Sisters struggle to keep their findings out of the hands of Max Indeks and his army of criminals. Can Ms. Metrobay and Pink Pussycat ward off these homestead invaders?

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