Moon Mage

Alias: Moon Mage
Name: Callisto
Occupation: Book Store Owner
Age: 25
Height: 5’5″ Hair:
Black Affiliation: Umbral Moonphase, Superheroine Squad, Grrl Power, Magic Grrls
Abilities: proficient in magical enhancements and cantrips, knowledge of forbidden magic

Callisto comes from a proud line of Umbral Moonphase mystics. While her people were nearly destroyed first by Baron von Fluffy II and then by a mislead Order of Celestial Mystics, Callisto proudly continues her peoples’ traditions. Seeking refuge in Metrobay, Callisto opened a book store where she could continue to keep the ancient knowledge of her people alive. While Callisto was content to avoid the superheroines of the city, Callisto was nevertheless brought into their fold during a magical crisis. After falling in love with a naive member of the Order of Celestial Mystics, Kiriko Fey aka Star Sorceress, Callisto felt the call to join the heroines as Moon Mage. In the Magic Grrls, Moon Mage defends Metrobay by supporting her friends and sharing her knowledge of dark magics.