Recharge Station

rechargeThe Recharge Station is a small alcove located inside Dr. Twisted’s secret lair where his “human robot” slaves are stored during periods of inactivity. Because they are still living individuals with flesh and blood instead of machines and wires, the women remain susceptible to physical and mental fatigue if they are not given proper rest and rejuvenation.

A human robot is connected to the Recharge Station to adequately deal with her biological needs, and despite standing up with their eyes open their minds are put into a state of “sleep” – or more appropriately – “shutdown”. Their mechanical components are recharged during this time along with their physical bodies and minds. The women’s bodies are hooked up to machines that monitor and regulate their bodily functions, as well as providing proper nutrition, digestive regulation, and muscle stimuli to prevent atrophy if they are not active on a routine basis.

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