Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa bioAlias: Hot Cocoa
Real Name: Pamela Brown
Age: 56 (physically 36)
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Black
Occupation: Spy
Affiliation: APEX Alliance, formerly Superheroine Squad
Abilities: Espionage, Intelligence, Hand-to-hand combat

The legendary and luxurious Hot Cocoa was known decades ago as one of Metrobay’s greatest champions of justice and one of the Superheroine Squad’s most respected members.

A self-made woman who fought tooth and nail for everything she had, she rose up from a troubled upbringing in Grime Alley and delivered her own brand of potent and sassy vigilante justice to any mugger or thug that caused problems for the weak and defenseless.

Her relentless pursuit of street justice eventually caught the attention of the Superheroine Squad, who quickly proposed recruiting her in their campaign against the forces of evil. Despite lacking powers of her own, she developed her keen instincts and honed her body into a formidable crimefighting weapon. She often served as the Squad’s resident spy and infiltration expert, putting her street smarts to good use and saving the day more times than any of them could count.

Eventually, she began to wind her career down and fell in love with a handsome military man, whom she married and later gave birth to a daughter, Caramel Georgia Brown, who would become the future heroine Brown Sugar. However, she kept her former superhero life a secret from her family, hoping to spare them any undue concern or worry, lest her past catch up with her.

However, her righteous drive to help others proved too intoxicating to resist, and Pamela found herself suiting up and moonlighting as her heroic alter ego. Her husband eventually discovered her sneaking out and when confronted she admitted her double-life to him. Frustrated that she would choose her heroine career over her family, the couple divorced and her husband was stationed overseas, taking their daughter with him. Pamela returned to crimefighting, but her heroic identity was kept hidden from her estranged daughter at her ex-husband’s insistence, for her own protection.

Hot Cocoa’s heroic exploits continued for several more years until the day of her daughter’s sixteenth birthday, where she was tasked with infiltrating APEX Labs to investigate some shady leads. While there, she was ambushed by R.O.P.E. thugs and captured, strapped down, and used as a test subject for Belinda Giolla’s prototype Mind Control Helmet. However, the prototype proved unready and instead of controlling her mind, it disabled her thoughts outright. Reduced to barely more than a vegetable, Max Indeks had Belinda put the heroine in stasis until they could either reverse the process, or find a better use for her in the future.

That moment arrived two decades later. With the technology now available, Hot Cocoa – along with the similarly captured heroine Valiant Girl – were thoroughly and extensively brainwashed into compliant slaves of Max Indeks and joined his newly created “superheroine” group, the APEX Alliance. With all memories and emotions from her past scrubbed clean, Hot Cocoa now acts as one of Max Indeks’s most ruthless enforcers, willing to protect her new master against any threats – even those from her heroine daughter.