Shadow Lynx

Alias: Shadow Lynx
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: 6’2″
Hair: Unknown
Occupation: Vigilante(?)
Abilities: superhuman reflexes, enhanced strength, razor-sharp claws
Affiliation: N/A

Little is known of the inscrutable Shadow Lynx. Who this dark and mysterious stranger truly is has never been deduced by any hero or villain, though his frequent acts of popping out of the shadows to save those in trouble and rescue those in their most dire moments has titled impressions towards the positive, and many view him as a shadowy guardian angel.

To date, Shadow Lynx has been instrumental in stopping the world domination plots of several adversaries, including Madame Machine, Baron Von Vile, Dr. Otto, and countless others. He also appears to be the one responsible for restoring several enslaved heroines to their former selves, including the legendary Ms. Universe. While he has no direct affiliation with the League of Liberty, he does seem to possess a curious interest in the heroine Kat Krusader, as well as sharing an implied history with Duality Dame. Emerald Tiger in particular believes he knows more than he lets on, but the masked hero remains as elusive and enigmatic as ever.