Unity Prime

Alias: Unity Prime
Leader of Unity Collective
 super strength, assimilation abilities, digital powers
Affiliation: Unity Collective

Unity Prime is the physical form of the Unity Collective, a race of sentient machines linked to one central processor that is capable of autonomy and self-awareness.

The Unity matrix itself functions as a sort of all-encompassing race that functions together as one singular unit, linked mentally and sharing one mind and goal. The Prime unity, however, is the guiding thought, will, and power of the collective.

Unity Prime was initially disembodied and capable of possessing the host forms of already assimilated Unity drones at will, but later progressed to an artificially constructed body for more direct actions and intervention.

Unity Prime was almost single-handedly responsible for enslaving almost the entire League of Liberty and Femcops. Though a machine, he was just as aware and in need of power and resources as any biological being and had apparently set up a business of selling extraterrestrial beings to the highest alien bidders as slaves and work forces. The superhuman women of Liberty Grove proved to be a fertile supply of such auction slaves.

Unity Prime took particular enjoyment in converting his slaves into drones, having developing a sinister satisfaction in their struggles and eventual submissions. Maya Johnson in particular endured a difficult conversation, as did Emerald Tiger whose own enslaved mother converted her. The most prominent, however, was League leader Suprema, whom he personally seduced and physically and mentally transformed into his own personal queen, Unity Supreme, to serve as his counterpart by his side as he conquered the galaxy.

Ultimately, he was foiled by the unbalanced energy powers of heroine RedHotShot and the quick thinking of Jupiter Justice, whom teleported her and her friends back to earth while blasting Unity Prime and Supreme off into deep space. Though defeated, it is unlikely to be for long and it’s only a matter of time before Unity returns at full strength.