Leela Patel

Real Name: Leela Shawna Patel
Age: 44
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Brunette
Occupation: Chief Scientist
Affiliation:Heroines for Hire
Abilities: genius-level intellect, expert in technology and bioengineering

Leela Patel is a veteran employee of APEX Industries who has worked her way slowly up the chain of command, biding her time and putting in extraordinary effort to please her superiors.

Her patience has paid off as she currently holds the distinction of being the chief scientist of their experimental technology division, taking over after Belinda Giolla’s arrest and incarceration in the Funhouse.

As the new head of the division, she has brought a great deal of prosperity to APEX… in particular the R.O.P.E. villains who have made extensive use of her inventions and studies. While Leela herself abhors crime, her scientific curiosity and infatuation with Max Indeks beyond a professional level have driven her to ever-increasing acts of criminality and depravity.

leela-bioHer crowning achievements are likely the Nano-Leash enslavement device, which led to the creation of the APEX Alliance, and the body-possessing control goggles which she uses to “wear” the body of any of her victims and assume their identity.

While she harbors an unrequited and powerful crush on her boss, she has a strong attraction to her personal assistant, the enslaved Nicole Banks, and has few scruples of making use of any of her nano-leash slaves, whom she treats as nothing more than props to advance her career and scientific understanding.

It was recently revealed, however, that unbeknownst to her, she has been targeted by fellow scientist, Sera Solas, who injected her with a Black Box control device. While Leela went about her business, she remained unaware her will could be disabled at a moment’s notice, a slave to another party.

shawnaThanks to Sera’s influence over her, a now nano-leashed Leela Patel joined Sera Solas when she left Apex to form Heroines for Hire. For a time, Dr. Patel served as Dr. Sola’s chief scientist in charge of Liberty Grove, now an amusement park filled with robotized sexbots. However, after a string of failures, due to Dr. Chloe Wang’s sabotage, Leela was demoted and now serves as a technician under a now nano-leashed Dr. Wang.

Top: Sera’s Doll
Middle: Civilian attire

Bottom: Leela at work

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