Madame Machine

Alias: Madame Machine
Real Name: Sybil Nettics
Scientist, cybernetically enhanced strength and speed
 Genius Intellect

Madame Machine was once a respectable young business woman with dreams of following in the footsteps of her crimefighting idol, Kat Krusader. She used the funds of her corporation to augment herself with cybernetics to become the heroine Sci-Girl, but her inexperience and recklessness made her a rather incompetent heroine. Kat Krusader refused to take her on as a side-kick and objected to her membership in the League of Liberty.

The last straw came when Kat Krusader saved her from a beating by a low-level criminal, giving her the glory while she was shown as a buffoon. She took the defeat to heart and became bitter, abandoning her costumed persona and forging a new identity, that of Madame Machine. She used her money to build a small army of robots and succeeded in capturing Kat Krusader and her friends, Duality Dame and Golden Girl, ultimately turning them into mindless human robots.

She was defeated, however, by a vengeful Masked Merc, who tracked her down to rescue his love, Kat. She was forced into one of her own processing chambers and turned into a mindless machine as well.

It was never made clear how she and the other heroines escaped this process, but she returned years later, human in appearance, and just as eager as ever to exact revenge upon the League of Liberty. It remains to be seen whether her skills have sharpened with time.