Tracy Dawson

Name: Tracy Dawson
Age: 41
Height: 5’10″
Hair: Black
Occupation: museum curator and artist
Affiliation: Metrobay Art Museum

Tracy Dawson has never let her passions dwindle, no matter the setbacks. She once dreamed of a promising art career, but it never took off, so she did the next best thing and helps curate the Metrobay Art Museum.

A single mother, her ex-husband ran off on her, leaving her to raise their son Trey on her own. Despite this, he was a wealthy man, and she got a comfortable portion in the divorce proceedings that has allowed her more freedom to pursue her hobbies.

Still, her longing for love and companionship is strong, and she’s cast an occasionally jealous eye over at her neighbors, the Hartmans, and their apparently idyllic marriage. She has a particularly keen interest in muscular men, of which Roger Hartman is a strapping example. She keeps that interest to herself, preferring not to become the same kind of homewrecker that disrupted her own once-stable marriage.