APEX Alliance

APEX AllianceThe APEX Alliance is a “superheroine” group formed by Max Indeks. It is composed almost entirely of mind controlled or brainwashed former superheroines and villains pretending to altruistic do-gooders to manipulate the public and achieve their own schemes. Max uses the heroines for a variety of purposes – often acting as superpowered bodyguards or entertainment for himself and his R.O.P.E. constituents.

The APEX Alliance is “led” by former heroine Azure Avenger, who was thoroughly reprogrammed with a powerful mind-enslaving device called the nano-leash. Together, they exist to dupe a gullible public into believing that they are the city’s true saviors, and with such insider information on criminal enterprises and the ability to show up precisely when a crime is committed, they have proven more capable than the Superheroine Squad at stopping crimes. The ruse has thus far been more than effective, and Max is more than willing to find new heroines to add to his own personal superhero team.

Current Members (left to right): Lady Payback, Onyx Thunder, Valiant Girl, Azure Avenger, Hot Cocoa, Projekt, Super Freak, Patriot Princess