Haley Swift

haleyName: Haley Swift
Occupation: Student
Age: 21
Height: 5’8”
Hair: Blonde

Haley Swift is a young Metrobay University student. An adventurous girl, she loved to live on the edge, eager to see the world and explore distant lands and far-off shores.

Haley recently visited the new fitness gym in town, Club Pump, a women-only exercise club, eager to get in peak shape before bikini beach season hit. Unfortunately, the club was a front for sinister criminal activity and she was drugged with thrallium by the fitness instructor Brunhilda Krammpacher and offered to the gym owner, Lance Hardwood, for his fiendish amusement and pleasure.

Haley greatly looks up to her older sister, Holly, who is in reality the heroine DareDoll. Haley’s trip to the gym has resulted in her unknowingly goading her sister there where she endured a similar fate as her sibling. After the gym was shut down by the Speed Demons, both girls remained in Lance Hardwood’s control and have been helping him rebuild.

Their first act was to enslave their own mother, Helen, to fill the role Brunhilda vacated upon her arrest, a task she carried out with unquestioning loyalty and happiness.

Notable Appearance: Club Pump

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