Alias: RedHotShot
Real Name:  Paige Bigsby
Fashion Designer
 high-level cosmic power, flight, super strength and speed
Affiliation: League of Liberty

Paige Bigsby was out with her boyfriend Todd in the countryside watching the meteor showers when something struck nearby. Going to investigate, they found a smoldering meteorite had struck the Earth. Unbeknown to them, it was the cooled fragment of a nova star and it radiated a strange energy that changed their genetic make-up on a molecular level, imbuing them with massive amounts of cosmic energy. Developing great powers, Paige took up the identity of RedHotShot and become one of the most powerful superheroines on earth. Todd, however, grew corrupted by his “gift”….

Paige jointed the League of Liberty and became to idolize fellow cosmic heroine and team leader Suprema, a kindred spirit with similar powers and abilities. Sadly, Suprema and many others were captured and converted into mindless robot slaves by the invading alien Unity matrix. Paige herself was briefly converted by Suprema, now as Unity Supreme, but underestimating her immense cosmic powers resulted in an influx of cosmic radiation that overheated her adversaries, allowing fellow teammate Jupiter Justice to escape and free them all, teleporting them back to earth. Suprema, however, remained trapped by the Unity matrix and remains under their control.