Mei Wen

Name: Mei Wen
Age: 47
Height: 5’4″
Hair: Black
Occupation: Financial Consultant

Mei Wen first encountered Keisha Mezmann as a client – overworked and overstressing about her life, career, and future prospects. Doctor Mezmann’s unique brand of hypnotherapy not only alleviated the businesswoman’s rattled mind, but instilled a deep-seated affection for her therapist… prompting Mei to eventually pursue a relationship outside of the doctor’s office.

Keisha, for her part, was quickly won over by Mei’s charms, sophistication, and powerful need to submit to a woman of her hypnotic talents. After many years of friendship and courtship, their relationship blossomed into a steamy romance and eventually the two wed.

Determining to focus more on her wife, Keisha handed the reins of the family business down to her daughter, Hypathia, to retire and spend time with Mei. The marriage has held strong as these two continue to seek new and exciting adventures, hand-in-hand.