Hypathia Mezmann

Name: Hypathia Mezmann
 Relationship Counsel, Hypnotism

Dr. Hypathia Mezmann is one of Metrobay’s most talented, respected, and efficient relationship specialists. Following in the daunting footsteps of her therapist mother, Hypathia quickly earned all the credentials needed to take over her mother’s clinic once the time was right.

Believing strongly in using hypnotism as a means to cut through the thick of discussion, Hypathia’s unorthodox and often questionable methods of counsel have nevertheless proven fruitful, making her extremely popular with all manner of clientele – from normal working-class couples, to those with unique superhero-related drama, to the rich and powerful of the wealthy elite. Word quickly spread that no matter your relationship problems, she can get results quickly, and most of her clients happily set up repeat appointments.

Hypathia’s realistic outlook on what it’s like to be a citizen of Metrobay means little fazes her, and the unique issues that plague the city – from mind-enslaving robots to alien invasions to superpowered chaos – has driven her to adopt unique approaches to each client. Even when she herself becomes a target, she sticks by her oath to do her very best to help every couple walk out of the room happier and more connected than when they first entered.

The ever-changing complications of Metrobay’s colorful cast of characters has ensured she’ll never be shy of a challenge, no matter who walks through her door.