Mindor the Mentalist

mindorthementalistAlias: Mindor the Mentalist
Real Name: Gary Goldstein
Age: 49
Height: 5’10″
Hair: Bald
Occupation: Mentalist
Affiliation: League of Villains
Abilities: Psionic Mind Control

Mindor the Mentalist knew, ever since he was a child, that he was special. When he wasn’t bending spoons with his mind, he was using his amazing mental powers to make girls take their underwear off and make bullies punch themselves in the head.

It didn’t take long for his great power to corrupt him. With no accountability or motivation, he had all his teachers pass him and he became slovenly and lazy, having his every need attended to and intended to live a life of luxury for the rest of his days…

… Until he discovered Metrobay had an even more powerful psychic in town, whose abilities seemed to negate his own, and it wasn’t long until one of his debauched crime sprees was foiled by Alpha Woman and he was carted off to the Funhouse.

Once free, he dedicated himself to revenge and joined the League of Villains, got back in shape, and decided to start small… but became even more frustrated when fellow villain Donna the Dominatrix seemed to possess even more power than HE did. Deciding he’d defeat her first as a warm-up to Alpha Woman, he set out to get back in peak condition and show her, and the rest of Metrobay, whose will is the one worth following.

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