Alias: Suprema, Unity Supreme
Real Name: Jayden Cooper
Unity Queen, Former leader of the League of Liberty
 flight, powerful cosmic energy blasts
Affiliation: League of Liberty, Unity Collective

At 25, Jayden Cooper was not the oldest veteran of the League of Liberty, but she was without a doubt the best leader it had ever had. No one knew about her childhood or origins, only that she possessed strong virtues, indomitable courage and skill, and wisdom far beyond her years.

She had fought in more cosmic wars, against more universe-threatening supervillains, then any other heroine before her and had traveled to and from the far reaches of the galaxy. She always thought calmly and rationally, with the brains to back up her immense power, and even the eldest heroines turned to her in need of battle plans and combat strategy. She appeared at times cold and standoffish, but Suprema loved all the heroines she worked with and would have gladly sacrificed herself for them at a moment’s notice.

It was shown that Suprema was the main object of affection of corrupt “hero” Captain Love, who was bitter and cynical that she spurred his many advances. She even punched him upon discovering he had blown off a rescue mission to go to a gentleman’s club instead.

It was later revealed that Jayden was not even from Earth. She was an extraterrestrial from some far off galaxy that had adopted Earth as her new home. Despite her best attempts to be accepted as another human, she had always felt pangs of isolation and loneliness.

This one flaw was exploited by the Unity collective as it attempted to harvest, enslave, and convert earth woman into docile slaves for profit and labor. Suprema valiantly attempted a rescue attempt to free her ensnared comrades, but she fell victim to Unity Prime’s hypnotic manipulations. Tapping in to her desire for acceptance, she gave in to the Unity Matrix and was converted into Unity Supreme, queen of the Unity Matrix. With her once strong will and noble virtues erased, Unity Supreme began to subjugate and enslave her teammates without hesitation or remorse.

Only an unexpected flux of power from RedHotShot, and a gamble by Jupiter Justice, saved the day, overloading the Unity Matrix. While most of the heroines escaped and were returned to normal, Suprema remained behind under Unity control, a tragic victim of the battle. Gypsy Moth has currently taken over her role as leader of the League, but filling the shoes of such a respected and talented heroine has been more than daunting.

As for Suprema, it is not unreasonable to assume she’ll gather her resources and build her army before returning to Earth to wage war against her former friends and allies. Whether she is beyond redemption remains to be seen.

Top: Suprema
Right: Unity Supreme