Professor Spellbinder

professorspellAlias: Professor Spellbinder
Real Name: Lorenzo Trance
Age: 48
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Bald
Occupation: Math Teacher
Abilities: Skilled at Hypnosis, Mind Control, and Brainwashing
Affiliation: Metrobay University

Lorenzo Trance is a professor of mathematics at Metrobay University, but his seemingly boring and menial day job is really only a front to cover his much more interesting and felonious ‘hobbies’. He also funded the creation of the exclusive Sigma Somno Epsilon sorority house.

Trance’s dark little secret is that he was the nefarious supervillain Professor Spellbinder, a persistent thorn in the side of the Superheroine Squad for many years. He ultimately hung up his costume to lead a more subdued and peaceful lifestyle, even marrying a young woman named Liz, who quickly became the dominant one in the household.

But that hardly means he has given up his life of crime. Manipulating his position as a professor at the university, he has hypnotized many sexy students into doing his evil bidding, often using rare Hypno-Gems to heighten his hypnotic suggestions. He then commands his enslaved thralls to commit acts of burglary to satiate his never-ending greed as well as submitting to his strong sexual longings. He eventually quit cold-turkey when other heroines began conducting investigations into the odd behavior of the Somno Sorority, especially after he unwittingly enslaved heroine Goldwing, drawing the attention of her partner Knyght Fighter. He enslaved Knyght Fighter and turned her over to R.O.P.E. in exchange for a sizable bounty and used his stolen and acquired wealth to take a year-long vacation in Europe.

Recently, the heroine Spellweaver appeared in his presence after a magic trick with Mesmerella went haywire. Lorenzo took the still-hypnotized heroine home to his house where she currently remains hidden from his wife and neighbors, uncertain what to do with her and unwilling to be caught with her in his control.

spellbinderDiscovering Spellweaver’s magical abilities, and tempted by the power under his control, Lorenzo returned to his criminal roots and began exploiting his influence over the entranced heroine. He used her to enslave classmates Tabitha Essex and Pristina Wellington and eventually used Spellweaver against his own wife after she discovered his infidelity and illegal actions.

When it became apparent he could no longer hide his dirty little secret, Lorenzo’s mind cracked and he gleefully donned his costume and retook the identity of Professor Spellbinder, mad with power and eager to take the Superheroine Squad on in battle for control over the entire city.

Fleeing to his old base of operations, Lorenzo stumbled across the heroine Snowflake, entranced her, and place her in front as his guard dog, but his lair was discovered and successfully invaded byGoldwing and Enchantress.

Enchantress then appeared to betray Goldwing, enslaving her with a spell and offering her to Lorenzo in exchange for Spellweaver. Lorenzo believed her sincerity, but ultimately had Spellweaver enslave her in return. While he distracted himself with Enchantress, he was startled and shocked to be apprehended from behind by Goldwing, who revealed that she and Enchantress had planned the entire ruse to make him drop his guard so they could gain the upper hand.

Threatened with bodily harm, he forced his slaves to undo their spells and restore them to their proper selves. He then tried to flee, goading them with mad ravings and hate-filled rants, including a cruel and sexist rant against his wife, who overheard his confessions. Angrily, she confronted him about it and knocked him unconscious, leaving him for the Metrobay Police Department to drag away to The Funhouse.

Notable Appearances: Somno Sorority, Mind Over Magic

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