Jupiter Justice

Alias: Jupiter Justice
Real Name: Janet Jamison
 Flight, Super Strength, Energy Absorption and Channeling
Affiliation: League of Liberty, The Galaxy Group

Janet Jamison is the outgoing daughter of the legendary superheroes Mister Mars and Victory Venus, as well as the youngest of three sisters, all of whom share similar powers. Originally, she was a part of her family’s team of superheroes – the Galactic Group – where she spent the majority of her teenage years growing into her powers and living in the shadow of her far more famous and successful relatives.

When she went off to college, her newfound independence spurred her to break away from the team and pursue a solo career. She has since enjoyed a high level of success, both as a superheroine as well as in her civilian identity as a musician and singer. She was an easy pick for the League of Liberty, and she’s settled into her new home rather comfortably.

Janet’s abilities and skills proved vital during the Unity invasion, where the majority of the team was captured and assimilated into the mindless robot women under the command of the Unity Matrix. While Janet was caught, when an opening presented itself, she fought off her assailants, reached the central control panels, and teleported her and all her friends back home, almost single-handedly saving the day.

In addition to her crime fighting career, she has revealed she adores Metrobay heroine Valient Grrl and dressed as her for Halloween. Also, despite a typically prim-and-proper attitude, she occasionally cuts loose and allows herself to party hard, sometimes with poor repercussions. She also nurses an unrequited crush on fellow teammate Emerald Tiger, who is unaware of those affections.