Tasty Treats

tasty treats“Tasty Treats” is the name of a combination ice cream stand and dessert store jointly owned and operated by the villains Chef Pasty and Dairy King, who are employed by R.O.P.E. to help battle the Superheroine Squad.

Chef Pasty and Dairy King are members of the League of Villains, and are assisted in their criminal pursuits by Pasty’s associate and occasional lover Dee-Lisha, as well as the King’s android servant and Ms. Metrobay lookalike MilkMaid.

The dual stores are a merely a front to conceal their owners’ corrupt and perverted true intentions. The ice cream stand sits directly over a milk harvesting and storage facility run by the Dairy King, while the next door bakery doubles as a cover for many of Chef Pasty’s food-themed bondage traps.

The villainous owners have gone to great lengths to steal secret chemical and cooking formulas, kidnap and enslave various women, and keep inquiring heroines from learning the true nature of their devious businesses

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