diddlerAlias: The Diddler
Real Name: Harden Stiffley
Age: 48
Height: 6’6”
Occupation: Oil driller, professional supervillain
Abilities: Genius-level intellect, unlimited monetary resources
Affiliation: League of Villains





The son of a wealthy oil magnate, Harden Stiffley grew up spoiled with delusions of grandeur. His ego was such that he even thought he should be the most well endowed male in Metrobay. Believing himself invincible, he allowed himself to be the test subject in an unethical hyper-testosterone experiment. Though he survived the experiment, his body transformed… especially his cranium which took the shape of an erect male member.

Now, Harden has unnatural stamina and energy. But, to keep up his highly aroused state he must have constant sexual stimulation. His new condition forced him to have to go into hiding. He assumed a new identity: The Diddler.

Using his big oil money and resources Diddler acquired many female slaves he turned into his mindless Spermettes. They helped satisfy his insatiable desires and also helped acquire even more damsels to increase the ranks of the Spermettes.

His first secret hideout was a off shore oil drilling platform. This hideout was exposed when Pink Pussycat, Valiant Woman and Honeydoll came raiding ( Musk of the Mynx series ).

He has had other run-ins with superheroines who always seem to thwart his perverse plans.

The Diddler’s new hideout is yet unknown, as are his future plans for mass female enslavement.

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