Teal Titan II

Alias: Teal Titan
Real Name:
Tonia Trullo
Age: 21
Superheroine, Professional Wrestler
Superheroine Squad, M.E.W.F.
Enhanced strength, agility, stamina

Tonia Trullo is a second-generation professional wrestler and the current Metrobay Extreme Wrestling Federation champion, having defeated Bronk in a match to win the title he and his cronies The Boyz stole from her mother, a longtime former champion who also used the ring name Teal Titan.

Having gained the respect of Ms. Metrobay and Omega Woman, Tonia was invited to join the Superheroine Squad on an auxiliary basis while still competing in the ring part-time. Wearing her championship belt enchanted by the sorceress Spellweaver, Tonia can increase her strength, stamina and athletic abilities tenfold.

Tonia’s encounter with the villainous Master Botter led to the creation of a duplicate called Titantron, who was defeated by the real deal in combat and, after a reprogramming, is now under the supervision of Tim Ingram and Jill Royal. However, a silver lining to the ordeal is her budding romance with Corina Seno, a rookie officer with the Metrobay Police Department. Tonia and Corina have become friends with Tim and Jill, but the continued existence of Titantron could someday threaten that relationship.

Notable Appearances: No Holes Barred, Smash of the Titans