Clawdette I

clawbioAlias: Clawdette
Real Name: Amanda Tanner
Age: 27
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Black (previously Blonde)
Occupation: Actress
Affiliation: Action Cats
Abilities: Burglary, Espionage, Athletics, Gymnastics

Clawdette is a newly joined member of the Action Cats, routinely tackling crime with her companion Kitten and their leader Pink Pussycat.

Previously, Clawdette had been a small-time catburglar, routinely performing jobs alongside R.O.P.E.-affiliated villains such as Madame Mynx and The Boyz before becoming disgusted with their greed and perverse ideas of what constitutes ‘entertainment’.

After developing a conscience, Clawdette betrayed her benefactors to the authorities, an action that quickly instilled a deep-rooted resentment between her and her previous criminal cohorts, particularly Madame Mynx.

Clawdette later went rogue, working as a vigilante and using her catburglar skills to rob from the rich and corrupt elite of Metrobay to provide for the more unfortunate and downtrodden residing within Grime City. Labeled by the media as a modern day “Robin Hood”, she nevertheless found herself on the wrong side of the law.

For a brief time Clawdette had a junior sidekick, the young and appropriately (if uncreatively) named “Motorcycle Girl”, who later became the Speed Demonette Shadow Rider. The two had a close professional friendship, with Shadow Rider even going so far as to be blackmailed to break Madame Mynx out of jail when Clawdette was held captive. This event proved to be the breaking point in their relationship, and soon after Shadow Rider returned to her Speed Demon friends and Clawdette struck out on her own once again.

clawdetteClawdette was revealed to be movie star Amanda Tanner during her brief time as a hostage of the fiendish Dee-Lisha. Perhaps it was due to own experiences amongst her corrupt rich and wealthy associates that lead her to rebel against her status. Or, it might have been the sheer thrill of costumed life… her reasons have never been fully clarified.

She was eventually handed over to Metrobay Police by Madame Mynx and Max Indeks, where she was humiliated by corrupt officials in a sort of cruel poetic justice for her initial betrayal.

Upon her eventual release from Metrobay Prison a reformed Clawdette, now with a new costume and outlook on life, dedicated herself to fighting crime and joined her once arch-nemesis Pink Pussycat’s Action Cats team. In a short period she had quickly proven her worth and formed many strong friendships and become one of Pink Pussycat’s most trusted and closest allies.

However, her heroic tenure was cut short when she and Pink Pussycat were captured by Max and other members of R.O.P.E. When it was discovered that Pink Pussycat was really socialite Kaitlin Sinclair,Vivian Indeks decided to erase everyone’s memory because they had unknowingly violated “one of their own”. Clawdette was closest to the mindsweeper device, and while everyone had varying degrees of short-term memory loss, Amanda suffered far greater degrees of amnesia, unable to recall her friends, family, or even aspects of herself or her heroic identity.

Amanda ceased to function as a heroine and admitted herself to a rehab clinic for celebrities… hoping they will help her regain her memory.

It is uncertain if Amanda is of any relation to Superheroine Squad and Grrl Power member Crissy Tanner, also known by her codename “Blackout”.


Originally powerless, Clawdette relied purely on her finely honed skills as an athlete, cat-burglar, and gymnast. Upon joining Pink Pussycat’s Actions Cats, however, she was given access to a new costume outfitted with cybernetically-enhanced modifications, which only augmented her already impressive abilities. Like Pink Pussycat and Kitten, her suit includes cat ears that endow her with enhanced hearing, boots that provide enhanced speed and balance, and gloves and a bodysuit that give her enhanced strength and stamina.

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